Moving Forward

Following on from my last post about what I’ve been up to for the last few months, one of the things I said I had been doing was a lot of thinking.  Much of that thinking was about the state of the world around us, where I want to go with my business not to mention life, the universe and everything!

There have been many changes on the web over the last few months – nothing new there, but many of them are changes that will make it much more difficult to separate your business and your personal life if you are someone like me, very much the ‘front man’ for that business.  I have reservations about this.  I don’t like it when families are used in business, I don’t mean the odd photo or tweet – we are a part of society as well as the business community. I mean then wholesale use, and sometimes abuse, of the emotional factors that families generate.  I wonder sometimes what those kids whose photos and lives are splashed all over will think of you in years to come.  I suspect the reaction will be something like that to the naked baby in the bath photo that was the bane of my generation.  Social networks are wonderful thing but there is a huge danger that we take things too far.  I’d be interested in your views on this.

One of the reasons I suspended activity on this site whilst busy with the offline project was that much of what I wanted to write about really wasn’t appropriate for a site which is business orientated.  Before you say it, I know I have sounded off about things that were more personal on here but I will be the first one to say it was not always appropriate.  Because I didn’t really have somewhere to say my piece,  I kept quiet – not a good thing, it stifles the soul.

So, what is the result of all this thinking.  I am happy with my business, I like SEO, it is a challenge that appeals to me, and I like to think I am fairly good at it.  I like writing, be it for myself or others, and I like to think I can string a sentence together. I like working on my niche sites, in the main they interest me and I like to think I provide value to my readers.  I like building sites for myself – and  for other people and they seem to be pleased with them. I  don’t see any reason to change that.  I like sharing knowledge and I don’t see any reason to change that.  I like sharing views and opinions and I don’t see any reason to change that.  What I do think needs to change is a separation of business and personal because it is not always appropriate to mix the two, they each need their own home.

The end result of all this thinking isn’t earth shattering, just that personal and business really do need to be separate.  You can’t make it a complete separation, it would be foolish to think that you can.  Many business colleagues are also close and very dear personal friends whom I would not lose from either aspect of my life but there has to be a line in the sand.  The start of that line in the sand is that this will be a much more business and information orientated site.  There will still be rants and grumbles, but more appropriate to that aspect of life.  There will be more ‘how to’ and tutorial style articles, more business news and info.

As It Comes

The personal stuff will move to a new home,, where I shall muse and mutter on things which do not belong here.  I can almost guarantee there will be cross over, there are things which matter to both flaminglacer and Tricia Smith.

You are very welcome here, and you are very welcome there, but do be aware that that they are very different places.  Think of this as the office where we can talk about the world of business and all that goes along with that – even how it impacts on our personal lives.  Think of the other as coming round for a cup of tea and a chat about the books we have read, the movies we watch, maybe even the odd political and social discussion, even how our personal life impacts on our business. Milk and sugar – or as it comes?


  1. Kittie Walker says

    I shall firmly remain with one foot on each side of that line in the sand!

    Looking forward to getting into debates with you here and there :)

  2. Dee says

    Couldn’t agree more about the need for boundaries and distinction. It’s one thing posting what you want to post about yourself but I do have grave concerns about posting anything to do with anyone else, without permission (and I don’t believe children are able to give informed consent).

    I found myself in hot water this week having commented to a friend on content posted to Facebook, by his daughter, which I considered to be less than appropriate (especially bearing in mind the child isn’t actually old enough to be on Facebook…..) – I think some people simply fail to engage their brains before uploading things……

    It’s good to see you writing again. I know how busy you have been. It will be good to drop by and join the conversation at both sites. Good luck with it all.

  3. says

    Calling me out for posting that pic of my niece, huh Trish? LOL. I agree with you quite a lot. I try to stay away from that, but sometimes you have to share that proud moment. I will think hard about what you’ve posted here in future, and ensure that when I do share my family with my business it is for the right reasons!

    Happy posting in 2012!

  4. says

    @ Dee It’s good to be back…. and I couldn’t agree more about posting inappropriate things. I think some people fail to realise just how far posts reach, and as for these silly things going round about how to protect posts – I despair. If they would only set up their privacy settings properly n the first place, not just dive in regardless. I just wish people would think about the long term consequences of some of the things they post. In the meantime you might like this – brought me up with a start when I looked at some of the things on the list. I’d forgotten half of them – and therein lies some of the problem.

  5. says

    @ Mallie There’s sharing and sharing – proud moments are good to share but when I see some things – I just cringe. My real gripe is when the emotional screws get put on people, particularly by marketers who use their family in ways that are just not right. You don’t expect the supermarket manager to stop every customer who walks in and say ‘my dog is sick and I need to pay a vets bill so please buy….’ I know that’s a bit extreme but it’s becoming a popular trick and I loathe it. I love to see how my family and friends are getting on, facebook etc is how I keep in touch with the younger ones in the family in the main, but there is that line – would you want your Mother, Granny etc to see what’s there… I am pretty sure some of them would be horrified if they thought it would get back to them – and somehow it always does! More and more employers are investigating social media profiles as well….

  6. Ron Rink says

    I’ll certainly see you over at the non-business place whenever I see you there — or whenever I’m able. I’m “out of business” — and just writing now. I also agree with all of you about the way so many young people are letting themselves open for trouble on these social sites. Over the past few months there have been several instances, even in our local news, of young people in serious trouble because of things they were involved in on Facebook. Just yesterday a 22-year-old man was jailed for rape with a 12-year old girl he met on Facebook. As Dee points out, when you’re 12 years old you can’t give consent! So sad!

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