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One of the first things I do each day is check out the feeds I subscribe to via Bloglines – this morning was no exception.  One of the blogs I most look forward to reading is Seth Godin’s – it never disappoints me and the post I read today was a blinder!  It got me so excited that I bashed out an email to a sizeable chunk of my contacts list raving about it – the embarrassing thing was I was so excited I forgot to put the link in (Oh, the shame!!!!), however back to the point.

I have long been an admirer of Seth’s work.   It is well known that I am an avid supporter and user of Squidoo –  one of my proudest achievements as a Net Wanderer is that I am a Squid Angel but more of that another time.  There are many things that put Seth pretty high on my list of seriously good people – I also happen to think he is a marketing genius.  In The 7% Solution I think Seth summed up brilliantly what those of us who work on the net need to do.  Forget all those expensive marketing systems and shenanigans that the gurus try to sell you, they are worth diddly squat compared to the advice in that short post.  That is actually one of the other things I admire about him – his ability to put things in a nutshell – one day I might get there, however back to the point.

It’s all about value, what do you give in return for what you want from people.  So many of the people working on the net try to give as little as possible and in return expect to make a fortune instantly and are then upset and angry when they don’t.   I was one of those dimwits once.  They read the hype and buy into the repackaged nonsense that ‘made me a fortune in only two hours’.  Get real – life is just not like that,  put nothing in and you get nothing out.  It doesn’t matter what area of life you look at – you get what you give.  If you put in the extra, you get the extra out.  If you take people for granted and treat them poorly – why should they treat you any differently?  They will treat you in just the way you treat them – with contempt.

When people access your website they are allowing you into their lives – and that is a priceless opportunity.  How many other ‘cold calling’ salespeople get invited in like that, and you should respect that invitation and the person who gives it.  In return for that invitation you should give them something of value, something worth having.  You should do as you would be done by.  If you do that, if you treat your viewer/reader/customer as a person of value, giving them the respect they deserve the one who will reap the rewards will be you – as Seth says, you will be unstoppable.

Try It!


  1. Dee says

    This is sooooooo true.

    Seth’s blog post was also sooooo true.

    When we offer real value we no longer have to spend every waking moment puzzling over killer headlines and sales letters………..

  2. flaminglacer says

    That is exactly the point – the more value we give in the work we do, the less work we have to do. Also, one of the key points for me is that in providing value I can take a pride in my work and not be embarrassed to shout about what I do.

  3. says

    I could not agree more with you. I have finally given up on chasing the dollar and decided to try and convey what I know and give value to people. This is a big challenge for me since I am a hermit that spends most of my time doing math not communications. I figure I will grow more out of this experience as a communicator. I hope!

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