From the Feeds 9 Jan 09

The feeds have been a little quiet this week but a few nice items have come through today:- have come up with a very interesting article on posting to Blogger from your cell phone – ideal if you are on the move and want to keep things up to date… How To Send Blog Posts To Blogger With Your Cellphone

TweetBacks is a nice little wordpress plugin – still in beta – which will add tweets about your blog post just above the comments.  I’m trying it out here so it will be interesting to see what the results are.

Another top 100 list from Mashable – Google Maps, best tools and mashups.  As google maps is on my new phone, this is quite timely for me!


  1. Ron Rink says

    The Tweetback feed is interesting.

    Is that comment right above this one I’m writing a Tweetback?

    Was it hard to install? What actually shows up on your blog post? I couldn’t tell from the web site.

    Am I correct in presuming this adds a comment to your blog posting for anyone who Tweets your blog post, right? What about if you don’t follow the tweeter who Tweetsback?

    So many questions, huh?

    I’m putting the Internet house in order for the surgery on Monday so will be offline for several days. I’ll be in for at least 3 days and then moving very slowly for another week or so after.

    Be well — be in peace …

  2. says

    Hi Ron
    To answer your questions in order:-
    Yes the comment above is a tweetback
    You just install the plugin and activate – takes two minutes
    It takes a few minutes to pick up the tweets, and all that shows up is the tweet, just like the one above. There is another plugin that gives pictures but I need to fiddle with that yet!
    You are correct in assuming that it posts ANY Tweets about your blog post – and it doesn’t matter whether you follow the ‘Tweeter’ or not, so you’ll soon find out what people are saying….

    As for next week, you are in our thoughts and our hearts constantly, I have mastered the art of typing with fingers crossed and have even found a pair of ‘thinking slippers’ that allows me to cross all my toes too… Be Well, dear friend

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